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  • Market research

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

  • Persona

  • Customer research

  • Product validation

  • Design partner sourcing and formation

Early Stage

  • GTM strategy document

  • Refine ICP and Persona

  • Create pitch material

  • Pilot, PoC, Trial creation

  • Lead generation strategy

  • Outbound: Draft messaging and sequencing

  • Inbound: Qualification filtering and lead routing

Scaling Company

  • SalesOps tool implementation and optimization

  • RevOps reporting and analysis

  • Revenue target setting and growth forecasting

  • Hire BDRs, SDRs, AEs, Ops

  • Commission structure design

💡 Expertise
Hire someone who's done it before, multiple times. Use proven strategies that work

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Access my broader network of builders, advisors, potential customers, and future employees

Project based work or hourly rate. Fixed length or ongoing - you choose!

💬 I'm not a consultant
Consultants talk. I get my hands dirty doing the work. Business moves too quick

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As a technical founder, my focus was on building a stellar product. When it came to our Go-To-Market strategy, I needed expert guidance but wasn't ready for a full-time hire. Derek was the perfect fit, conducting comprehensive market research and defining our ICP and buyer personas. He crafted and executed a tailored outreach strategy that accelerated our momentum, resulting in multiple client research and sales conversations. Derek's research better-positioned us to raise funds and find early customer traction. I would readily recommend him to any founder needing GTM support and look forward to further collaboration in our next growth phase.

Patrick Devivo - Co-Founder & CEO

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